New Material Community:

The New Material Industry Incubation Community (hereinafter referred to as the Community, New Material Industry Incubation Community), with entrepreneurial incubation institutions as the core, unites large enterprises, investment institutions, professional service institutions, and high-growth incubating enterprises in the new material industry field. Provide a new platform for collaborative innovation and win-win cooperation for the innovative development of the new material industry. The community is an industry promotion organization that is formed spontaneously by related institutions. It does not depend on any government department or social organization, and links community members and other institutions with industrial entrepreneurship needs, economic interests, and contractual relationships.



Qian Zhao

Operations Director

World Incubation Cluster:

Established in Beijing Venture Building, World Incubation Cluster will bring together a group of outstanding entrepreneurial incubation institutions in China and abroad to become a hub for Beijing and China to link the world's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, provide a more open industry social network for incubation institutions, and deepen industry exchanges , Promote horizontal and vertical collaboration of industry resources, and work together to create a diversified industry community and an ecological chain associated with strong bonds. World Incubation Cluster is now inviting international and domestic startup incubation related institutions. Welcome to incubate, incubator spaces, parks, large enterprises, investment institutions, professional service institutions, intermediaries and other related institutions to make appointments.




International Cooperation Manager

International Conference Room:

In order to strengthen the international communication of business incubation resources and link high-quality scientific and technological projects, WIIN and partners from all over the world jointly hold an international conference online room. The conference room is mainly in the form of online video conferences, inviting industry elites (knowledge sharing), small enterprises, and large enterprises from various countries to participate together to achieve "introducing and going out".



Jin Liu


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