World Incubation Cluster is an online and offline resource integration platform based on the global intelligent incubation network and an offline incubation area for startup incubation institutions jointly constructed by WIIN and Beijing High-Tech Startup Service Center.

The World Incubation Cluster is located in the Beijing Venture Building in Jianxiang Park, Zhongguancun. It will bring together a group of outstanding entrepreneurial incubation institutions in China and abroad to become a hub for Beijing and China to link the world's innovation and entrepreneurship ecology and provide a more open industry social network for settled incubation institutions, Deepen industry exchanges, promote the horizontal and vertical collaboration of industry resources, and work together to create a diversified industry community and an ecological chain associated with strong bonds.

World Incubation Cluster is now sending out invitations to international and domestic startup incubation related institutions and welcomes incubators, Zhongchuang Space, parks, large enterprises, investment institutions, professional service institutions, intermediaries, and other related institutions to make appointments to settle in.



World Incubation Cluster is located in the core business district of Beijing's North Fourth Ring Road (near the Bird's Nest/Pangu Grand View/National Convention Center). It has good geographical advantages: it is close to the Beijing-Tibet Expressway and 30 kilometers away from the Capital Airport; there are 16 universities and 25 Chinese Academy of Sciences nearby Affiliated research institute, 15 large and medium-sized international conference and exhibition centers.

Guiding organizations and partner

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