Founder profile

Dr.YAN Zhenjun

Founder of WIIN(World Intelligent Incubation Network),executive director of Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy(CISTDS), professor of Beijing Normal University, a senior expert on business incubation, and the author of China's first doctoral thesis on incubator. Bachelor’s degree of science of Northeast Normal University.Master's degree and Doctor's degree in philosophy of Renmin university of China, postdoctoral fellow in political science of Peking University,director of China Entrepreneurship Research Center, Tsinghua University ,visiting scholar of American Babson College.

He served as founding secretary of Beijing Business Incubation Association, deputy director of Beijing Hi-tech Business Innovation Service Center, director of Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, deputy director of Beijing Municipal People's Congress Committee on education, science, culture and sports, Chairman of Beijing entrepreneurship joint incubator, founding director of IASP China Office.

He has worked in China Great Wall computer group,Torch yinbei company,International Universities Innovation Alliance,Aplus Labs,etc.

He is also the co-editor"China incubator Development Report 2017", "China Incubator Development Report 2018" and has published many monographs, such as the tangible hand of scientific and technological innovation, the theory of Chinese business incubator, High technology and high technology industry, incubation and flying.

Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy,CISTDS

Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy(CISTDS)was established in August 2011. CISTDS is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Beijing Municipal People's Government, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission for the Secretary-General units, and established in partnership with the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Normal University and Beijing Institute of Science and Technology. It is a new think tank which is based in the capital Beijing and serves the whole country.

CISTDS bases its mission on the goal of “adhering to and strengthening capital’s core function as China’s political, cultural, international trade, and science and technology innovation center, implementing the strategy of building a humanistic Beijing, scientific and technological Beijing, green Beijing in great depth, and striving to transform Beijing into a world-class harmonious livable capital”. By exploring the mechanisms of serving and using Beijing’s intellectual resources, CISTDS provides intellectual support and strategic support for Beijing and even the countries’ innovation-driven development.

CISTDS has‘seeking for innovation’as its core value, adheres to the working principle of“perseverance with attitude, insight with warmth, exploration with determination”, focuses its research on innovation, entrepreneurship and green development, under the research principle of localization, quantification and internationalization, adopts“small core, big network”as its organizational form, “open and collaborative”as its operating mechanism,and operates under the system of president accountability under the leadership of the council .and strive to become a high-end think tank platform in academic and policy research as well as strategy and consulting services.

CISTDS focuses its studies on innovation, entrepreneurship and green development, and conduct key researches and systematic evaluation on insightful, key and urgent issues in the field. Meanwhile, CISTDS provides strategic and technical consulting services for the government, enterprises and the society, and makes intellectual and strategic support for China’s participation in global innovation and entrepreneurship network construction. Since its establishment, CISTDS has continuously published its brand research outcomes named “Capital Science and Technology Innovation Development Report”. It also creates "The Capital Science and Technology Innovation Development Index”, which has been praised as the "barometer" of capital’s innovation and development, thus producing positive and wide social impacts.

CISTDS conducts special researches in various fields including innovation and entrepreneurship evaluation, green development, urban transition, future prediction, big-data mining and application, and has completed more than one hundred national, Beijing’s and other regional scientific research projects. It regularly holds brand forums, theme-specific activities and special discussion including “China Green Development Forum”, ”CISTDS Club” to promote knowledge sharing and creative thinking by building an international academic, political and industrial communication synergy platform. CISTDS has provided firm intellectual support for Beijing’s scientific development and its leading position in realizing innovation driven development pattern.